Alison Brooks at Toronto International Architectural Roundtable

Alison Brooks will be in Toronto this 11月ember for The Buildings Show Toronto International Architectural Roundtable, w在这里 she will discuss Design Solutions for the Housing Crisis with Alfonso Femia, Janna Levitt和Ouri Scott. Co-sponsored by the Ontario Association of Architects and moderated by architectural critic Adele Weder, she will outline the challenges presented by the housing crisis both internationally and in Canada. The conversation will explore strategies to tackle these challenges across design and policy.

在阿坝, our dedication to inclusive city-building is grounded in the belief of housing as civic building. Working with private and public sector clients and local communities to deliver affordable, 可持续发展的, 以及多样化的社区, we strive to foster equitable opportunities for both urban and rural societies. 拿好票 在这里.


当: 11月. 2023年-上午九时至十时三十分

地点: Metro Toronto Convention Centre South Building, 222 Bremner Blvd, Toronto


Alison Brooks appointed as Chair for the 东南设计专家小组

We are delighted that Alison Brooks has been appointed as Chair for the 东南设计专家小组. After many years as a Design Review Panel member and Design Council Ambassador, Alison’s new role underscores her commitment to improving the design and quality of buildings and public spaces across the UK.

Design Council’s expert panels deliver constructive guidance that fosters dialogue and collaboration between Planning Authorities, 客户和彩票365官方网站师, to help ensure that design proposals respond positively to their context and maximise benefit to the communities that they serve; values exemplified by ABA projects such as Quarterhouse Performing Arts Centre, 埃克塞特学院的科恩广场, 牛津大学, and our ‘palazzo’ apartment buildings at Knight’s Park, Eddington; frontispiece for this emerging, 净零运营碳社区.


卢比孔河 wins Best Design for Four Storeys or More at the Housebuilder 奖 2023

We’re pleased to share that our 卢比孔河 project at Eddington, North West Cambridge has won ‘Best Design for Four Storeys or More’ at the Housebuilder 奖 2023.

Congratulations to Hill Group and their construction team. ABA很自豪能够交付设计, planning and construction documents for this project after our 2025 developer/architect competition-winning bid. Thanks to all our collaborators and individuals who made this project a success!

To learn more about the award-winning project 点击这里.




We are delighted to announce two new additions to our Practice 领导. 请和我们一起祝贺 迈克尔•米勒 for his new position as Board Director and 朱莉安娜罗查,晋升为副主任.

Michael’s new role is a testament to his unflagging commitment to our practice ethos demonstrated by his motivational and inclusive management approach, mastery of technical challenges and consistently brilliant client service. He has led our practice’s high-profile projects in the UK and abroad, 在设计和施工的各个阶段. 他著名的彩票365官方网站彩票365官方网站包括 科恩四 in 牛津大学; sixty residential buildings across three sites at Eddington, Cambridge; and 节奏, ABA’s landmark arched towers in King’s Cross. Michael builds lasting client and team relationships that extend beyond the world of work to create a supportive practice culture.

朱莉安娜罗查 is one of ABA’s most experienced architects and a dynamic force in our organization. She co-leads our BIM Management team and is ABA’s Timber Construction Lead. Her achievements range from successful competition designs to detailed construction packages. Recently, she has stewarded our mass timber, 网。-zero carbon 霍默顿学院入口大楼 通过施工文件完成彩票365官方网站. 她的合作精神, combined with technical know-how and yoga-infused energy, 是我们的宝贵财富吗.

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Last month Alison Brooks彩票365官方网站事务所 sponsored our architect 陈的人 to attend the The British School at Rome’s new Architecture & 都市主义暑期学校. Led by Sheila O’Donnell and John Tuomey (O’Donnell + Tuomey) and joined by architects from 10 other practices, the week’s study ‘A Moment in Rome’ offered students the chance to explore the wonders of the city and the BSR’s archives.

A week-long study of in between spaces in Rome, 关注瞬间, 阈值, 以及过渡段落. The week kicked off at San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, sketching in the pocket spaces of Borromini’s masterful work. Navigating our way through Rome using the Nolli Map, we explored Rome’s public spaces and examined the intricate urban filigree all the while admiring Nolli’s accuracy. 罗马的集体“时刻”, 对于小组来说, was experiencing the Pantheon from inside it’s brick walls, observing the brick construction then stepping into the central space. 这周的分析最终形成了一个模型, synthesising our key takeaways from the trip and how our observations in Rome can influence our work in practice. My piece reflected on the void spaces formed by the spatial adjacency of cornices, arches and vaults that beautifully frame the city of Rome.——陈满